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  • The 3 Best Things About Remote Access Accounting for Your Small Business

    suwanee remote access accountingRemote access accounting is a fast-growing opportunity for small American businesses. This type of arrangement allows a company to hire an accountant who then works from a remote location. With file sharing programs and cloud computing, remote access accounting can be a breeze.

    For entrepreneurs who prefer face-to-face interaction, this is not an ideal situation. But for more flexible companies, there are many potential benefits. There is also the possibility of forming a hybrid sort of arrangement, where your offsite accountant makes periodic site visits for meetings.

    Here are the three best benefits you get when you choose remote access accounting for your small business.

    1.  Space Savings

    You don’t have to provide a physical workspace at your company for an accountant. That space can be reserved for a full-time employee, an additional partner, or another team member whose employment means higher revenues for your company.

    2.  Money Savings

    You will have a professional accountant on your team for a fraction of the cost it would require to hire one full-time. Your remote access accounting expert only gets paid for the hours he or she works. You don’t have to provide expensive benefits such as health insurance, worker’s comp, vacation time or personal days, either.

    3.  The World Is Your Oyster

    Finding a local accountant that you are comfortable working with is not necessary. Remote access accounting puts an entire world of professional accountants at your disposal. Finding someone with small business experience and expertise in your industry doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.

    Accounting Partners ensures that our remote access accounting staff is made up of highly trained and courteous professionals. They bring with them experience in a variety of fields and industries, with a vast array of specialties represented.

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