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    Start-Up Consulting

    A new business owner can make some big mistakes from the very start with improper entity selection, selecting the wrong accounting system, inadequate capital funding and much more. Do not go it alone. Let us help you negotiate though the myriad of details that are associated with new business start-ups.

    Entity Selection

    Sometimes lawyers and accountants will give differing opinions as to what form of organization a new business should select. Whether an initial consultation or a second opinion, we can give you advice from a tax perspective on this very important topic.

    Tax ID Services

    A cost-effective solution to obtain all the required Federal and State Tax ID numbers for your new business.

    Accounting Software Selection

    Let one of our experts guide you through the very important considerations in selecting your first accounting software or changing from an existing package.

    Accounting Software Implementation

    If you purchased QuickBooks or NetSuite accounting software, let us get you off to the right start. Software implementation is more than just populating fields. Often accounting processes must be reviewed and reporting requirements must be established. We can help.

    Notary Public

    As an added convenience, we offer notary services in the State of Georgia for our clients.

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