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  • 3 Most Important Considerations When Hiring an Accountant in Atlanta

    Looking for an Accountant in Atlanta, GA

    When looking for a reliable accountant in Atlanta, GA, keep in mind these key factors. You want to find someone you feel comfortable with and who understands your financial needs, but there are other concerns to keep in mind as well.

    Verify Credentials

    Make sure the person you’re hiring is a certified CPA.  The last thing you’d want to deal with is hiring someone who doesn’t have the proper work experience or education on current accounting methods.

    Check References

    You wouldn’t hire a babysitter or housekeeper without checking their references first, so why wouldn’t you use the same diligence when hiring your accountant?  It doesn’t hurt to double check whether the experience and education listed on candidates’ resumes has been put to good use in former positions.

    Make Sure Their Experience Coincides With Your Needs

    Whether you are hiring an accountant for personal or business use, make sure candidates have relevant experience.  Brief potential hires on the particulars of the job they’ll be facing to make sure they’re up for the challenge.  Most importantly, keep in mind the importance of feeling comfortable with the person you’re hiring.  If you can build a strong rapport and can put your trust in the person you choose to hire, you can have a long lasting and satisfying professional relationship.

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