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  • 5 Uses for Your Tax Preparation CPA after April 15th

    The tax and accounting battles are fought all year, not just at tax time!

    Your tax professionals stay busy throughout the year cleaning up clients’ tax problems, including missed tax deadlines, incorrectly filed forms or years of missing tax filings.

    Here are 5 uses for your tax preparation CPA after April 15th has come and gone:

    1. Once tax problems occur it takes a professional accountant to unravel the multiple years of numerical information that may have overloaded a client’s tax file. This can be serious and needs the help of a tax professional.

    2. Helping business keep track of expenses throughout the year and keeping them organized is one of the busy endeavors of a tax preparer in the off season. Small business may use over the counter software but as a business grows the need for more specialized expertise is required.

    3. Helping clients prepare their taxes and handle expenses and depreciation allowances is a full time job. Tax mistakes are easy to make with rules constantly changing. Only your tax preparation professional can be trusted to keep up with all the latest tax regulations that might impact your business.

    4. Uses for your Tax Preparation CPA after April 15th offer the advantage of Notary services. These are in office services and occasionally mobile. Getting a document notarized is simple with these services.

    5. If you find yourself in legal tax distress after tax season, a qualified tax preparation professional can attend the audit with you to help explain any issues. Hopefully you are not in need of such aid, but if it should happen, this is one of the uses of a tax professional after April 15th.

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