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  • A Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor Makes QuickBooks Easy

    QuickBooks ProShort Cuts From a Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor

    Unless you have an accountant on staff, you are likely intimidated by the idea of implementing QuickBooks for your business – but there is no need to be scared. You will probably be surprised to learn how intuitive, customizable, and user-friendly QuickBooks software is. Once you get the program set up for your business and get used to its simple layout, you will find that operating the software is a breeze.

    Below are our favorite shortcuts for getting up and running with QuickBooks:

    Right-Click for Shortcut Menu

    If you right-click your mouse, a menu of popular shortcuts for the window currently displayed will appear.

    The View Menu

    To view multiple windows at once, select View > Multiple Windows. To view just the active window, select View > One Window.

    Numerous Keystroke Shortcuts

    Once you get familiar with all of the keystroke shortcuts available in QuickBooks, you practically won’t even need your mouse. These shortcuts make completing your accounting and bookkeeping tasks much faster, allowing you to move on with your day sooner.

    Set Up Reminders

    You can tell QuickBooks to send you a reminder when it’s time to perform various bookkeeping tasks. Paying bills, printing checks, printing invoices – nothing will ever be forgotten again.

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