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  • Do You Really Need an Accountant? How to Tell and What They’ll Do for You

    need an accountantNeed an accountant?

    What are the real benefits of spending money on an accountant?

    Is there really payback in hiring an accountant? Is it more than spending money to save money? What you really need to know is if you really need an accountant. Here’s how to tell, and what they’ll actually do for you.

    You’re Sick of Trying to Be an Expert at All Things

    Are you trying to be good at everything? Small business owners have to run the ship on their own or with a small support crew. You have to wear many hats, and that’s okay. Until you put on one too many of those hats and the whole pile of hats falls apart.

    The best way to take care of business is to focus on what you know and on what you’re good at. Have you ever been to a sushi restaurant that serves hamburgers? Probably not. They’re focusing on what they’re good at: sushi. Instead of branching out and trying to conquer yet another thing, focus on your business and what you do best.

    If you find your hats are getting a bit too plentiful, and you’re stretched a little too thin on time and demands, it’s probably time hand over the accounting reins to an expert who already knows what their doing when it comes to financial records and taxes. You won’t have to learn a new skill that you may or may not be even remotely good at, and they won’t have to come in and rescue you when you find that you actually are not good at it. Which is okay. You’re really good at other things.

    You’re Afraid You’re Missing Out

    Are you missing out on credits and deductions you could be taking advantage of? If your answer is “I don’t know”, well, therein lies the kicker. You don’t know. Because you’re not an accountant. Which is okay.

    But instead of trying to figure out if the software program you’re using is going to capture all of your possible savings, trust a human who knows your business and who can analyze all of your information to help you maximize your savings.

    And what about red flags? You might not notice those either. It seems they may only be visible to the eyes of accounting experts, who can spot them and eliminate them before you get a notice for an audit. Fortunately, only about 1% of taxpayers are actually audited by the IRS, but small business owners get audited, on average, more than any other type of earner. Don’t come face-to-face with the IRS without an accountant on your side.

    You Crave Financial Peace of Mind

    What an accounting expert can do for you is a lot. And it’s not just about tax season. But that’s a big one. Here are some of the benefits.

    The truth is that peace of mind is like money in the bank. It lets you breathe a little easier.

    You could spend a lot of time and energy worrying about the financial health of your business, or you could hire someone to do it for you. Spending your time focusing on your business, its growth, and its welfare should be your primary concern. Leave the finances to the experts.

    Need an accountant? Learn more about how accountant services can help your business, and download a free report on maximizing your use of QuickBooks here.