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  • Now’s the Time! How to Plan for Tax Preparation Services Before You Get Down to the Wire

    Get help with tax preparation services before you find yourself pushing the tax season deadline.
    tax preparation servicesHere at Accounting Partners, Inc. we are always available to help you with our wide variety of tax preparation services. However, if you want to streamline the process and prepare for tax season before you get down to the wire, we do have quite a few tips that can help.

    Keep Extensive and Accurate Records:

    Even if you do find yourself filing your taxes at the last minute, keeping extensive and accurate records can be the difference between a nice easy filing process and a filing extension nightmare. Whether you plan to handle most of your tax filing yourself or leave it to us, accurate records will definitely streamline the process and prevent any last minute headaches. Here are some records that you should keep throughout the year:

    Know Your Deduction and Credit Limitations

    Deductions and tax credits change on an annual basis. So, keeping informed about what you’re entitled to is essential. That will help us to assist you in minimizing your tax payment.

    Separate Your Expenses

    Part of keeping accurate tax records, especially if you are a small business owner, is knowing how to separate your business expenses from your personal expenses. Some things to keep in mind about that are:

    Generally, you can get some clarification about what you can and cannot claim as a business expense straight from the IRS website. However, Accounting Partners, Inc. is here to help you and answer any questions that you may have as well.

    Don’t Make Yourself or Your Business a Target for an Audit

    In order to prevent a last-minute tax nightmare and plan to use our tax preparation services ahead of time, you can help us and help yourself by not making yourself a target for an audit. The IRS looks for certain things that they consider to be signs of deception on tax forms. Here are a couple examples of what not to do on your tax forms:

    Plan for Payments Ahead of Time

    If you have a reputable accountant, they can help you to figure out what your tax payment is likely to be. It’s best to figure that out as early as possible. That way you’ll have the money to make the payment when the time comes and you won’t be left caught off guard by any unpleasant surprises.

    The bottom line is that a little organization and basic knowledge can go a long way toward getting you ready for tax season. But you don’t have to prepare alone. Our trained professionals at Accounting Partners, Inc. would be happy to help you to file your taxes in an accurate and timely manner. Just call us at (678) 990-0924 for more information about the tax preparation services that we offer.
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