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  • The Top 4 Things You Should Know About Quickbooks Pro for Your Business

    Are you taking advantage of Quickbooks Pro for your business?

    Quickbooks Pro for Your BusinessQuickbooks Pro is an accounting software program you can use for your business. You probably already know that much, but do you know about all the features you could and should be taking advantage of and the choices you have to make that can impact your accounting? Take a look at the top four things you should know about Quickbooks Pro for your business.

    Desktop vs. Online Access

    Deciding on a desktop version of Quickbooks vs. online access is the first big choice you need to make when it comes to your accounting software. While many people often gravitate to a desktop version they can install, it’s important to consider access when making this choice. Will there be more than one person who needs to access the financial information for your business? If you’re a one-person shop now, you might not think so. But if you have your sights set on growth in the future, there might be a point when you will need access by more than one person. Also, if you want to be able to obtain information and reporting from more than one device, online access is a better choice. Even if you’re out of town or using a tablet or smartphone, you can see everything going on with your books.

    The Importance of Organization

    Because Quickbooks is list-driven, it’s essential to get it organized right from the get-go. Understand your chart of accounts and create your lists as you begin setup. These can include categories such as payroll, customer and client lists, jobs, vendors, employees, and inventory. While it might seem like piecing together a puzzle without a picture for reference, getting it set up correctly from the beginning will save you many hours of clean up down the road. One helpful tool to assist is the icon bar. Setting this up will help you manage your tools and keep your primary functions at your fingertips.

    Using the Electronic Functionality

    Are you sending out invoices regularly? If you want to get paid, you are. Quickbooks Pro can help you streamline this process by allowing for electronic invoices that look professional, as well as electronic payment methods that help you get paid faster with more accurate tracking. You can utilize your customer and account information stored right in Quickbooks to make sure you invoice accurately and on time. This allows for better record keeping and managing your budget throughout the month and year.

    Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts

    Quickbooks Pro for Your BusinessEvery time you use a software program, you have to use a certain number of keystrokes to do what you need to do. While this doesn’t seem like it would add an inordinate amount of time to your daily routine, you can shorten the time you spend in Quickbooks with some simple keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few that can come in handy every day:

    • Ctrl+0 to copy a check transaction in your register
    • Ctrl+I to create an invoice
    • Ctrl+D to delete a check, transaction, invoice, or another item from a list
    • Ctrl+E to edit a transaction
    • Ctrl+Q to get a QuickReport on an item
    • Ctrl+W to write a check
    • Ctrl+F to find a transaction
    • Ctrl+J to open the Customer Center
    • Alt+N to save a transaction and go to the next

    If you aren’t using Quickbooks Pro for your business, it’s time you should. If you are using it for your business, make sure you’re taking advantage of all it has to offer. To save time and help you with setup, management, updates, and functionality, consider hiring a Quickbooks consultant who can help you get the most from your investment and better manage your finances with this outstanding software tool. Call 678-990-0924 for a free consultation to learn more about how Quickbooks Pro can help your business.