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  • 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Accountant for Tax Preparation in Atlanta, Georgia

    How you know it’s time to hire an accountant for tax preparation in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Tax preparation Atlanta GAHate tax time? Have you considered how hiring an accountant for tax preparation in Atlanta could change your life? Been pulling your hair out trying to do all of the work yourself? Take a look at these five signs it’s time to hire an accountant for your tax preparation. They could make you change your tune.

    Sign #1: You’re Spending a LOT of Time on Your Taxes

    Your time is valuable. Your role as the proprietor of your business makes it even more so. Do you find you’re spending an inordinate amount of time doing your taxes? It’s a sign it’s time to hire an accountant to do them for you. There comes a point as your business grows that the cost of doing the taxes yourself becomes greater than the price of hiring a professional. Take a good look at the value of your time and how much of it you’re spending working on tax preparation. You might find that it just doesn’t make sense to continue doing them yourself.

    Sign #2: You’re Worried About Missing Deductions

    Unless you’re an accounting professional, it can be hard to know and understand every deduction for which you are eligible. If you miss even one, it could cost you as much in extra taxes as it would have cost to hire a professional. If you think there could be deductions you should be taking advantage of but you just can’t figure out what they are, or if they’re legitimate for your business, an accountant can take away that indecision by knowing what you can and can’t do.

    Sign #3: You’re Overwhelmed by the Complexity of the Forms

    As your business grows, so does the complexity of your tax preparation. There are forms, forms, and more forms, and you’re not trained, or psychologically equipped, to deal with the mess of them. This is a sign your taxes have outgrown your expertise. Don’t worry; it happens to most business owners! You’re the subject matter expert on your business, so let an accountant be the subject matter expert on your tax preparation.

    Sign #4: You Are Feeling Frustrated by Your Tax Bill

    Do you feel like you’re paying more and more every time you file your taxes? If this is the case, it could be that you’re missing deductions, not filling out the forms correctly, or not preparing the information properly or comprehensively. No one wants to pay taxes, but since it’s a necessary part of doing business, do what you can to minimize your tax bill by having an expert to the prep work.

    Sign #5: Tax Laws Are Causing Serious Confusion

    No one understands the tax laws and all the yearly changes to them, except accountants. Why? Because it’s their job. But it’s not your job. Your job is to run your business, promote your product or service, take care of your clients and your employees, and do what’s necessary to allow your business to thrive and grow. Does all of that give you time to study tax law? Of course not. Nor would you want to. But if you find you have to look them up and try to understand them more often as your business grows, this is a distinct sign it’s time to hire an expert.

    So, Is it Time to Hire an Accountant for Tax Preparation in Atlanta?

    If you’re a small business owner, you file taxes. Maybe your business is just you in your garage? It might be easy and straightforward, but as you grow, your taxes do too. If you have investments, employees, regular income and profits, there are probably plenty of signs that it’s time for you to hand over the reins of your tax preparation to an accountant. Heed the signs and call 678-990-0924 for a free consultation to learn how an accountant for tax preparation in Atlanta, Georgia can help your business.