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  • 6 Ways Remote Access Accounting Services Can Help the Small Business Traveler

    remote access accounting servicesCan Duluth remote access accounting change your life?

    Duluth Remote access accounting services can change your life. Seem a little far-fetched? If you’re a small business traveler, it’s not much of an exaggeration. Being restricted to the office when you need access to your accounting programs means you might have to work evenings and weekends when you’re not on a plane or in another city. Who wants that? Here are 6 other ways accounting remotely can help you:

    #1: Help Your Clients Now, Not Later

    If you’re in a hotel across the state, or even the country, and you have a client that needs information now, what are you going to do? You can’t jump on a plane and have an answer for them in any reasonable amount of time. Having remote access to your accounting system allows you to login from anywhere there’s an internet connection and get the information you need, when you need it.

    #2: Don’t Block the Brainstorming

    Have you ever been in a meeting or a restaurant or the shower and had a great idea or come up with a solution to a problem or a new way of doing something? If that happens and you’re far away from your office, never fear. If you can access your accounting program remotely, you can take that idea and put it to work immediately, before it fades away.

    #3: Immediate Access to Financial Statements

    Away for the weekend? You can still have access. On a business trip? Access is available. Burning the midnight oil from the comfort of a hotel or conference room? Access is the key.

    You don’t always need access to your financial information after hours, but when you do, you really do. Being able to remotely view your statements and access any information whenever you need it is a huge benefit of remote access.

    #4: Assured Security

    One thing many business owners worry about, especially in the age of the internet, is security. Keeping information close to the vest is important to your security as well as that of your company and all of the accounting information in your system.

    Online remote access still ensures security. With secure servers and login and password-protected accounts, no one can access your information unless you want them to. You decide who can access the accounts.

    #5: Reliability

    If your internal network goes haywire, you could lose all of your data and all of your access to your accounting information. And what if your software doesn’t upgrade properly or what if you have a data loss? Online access means your information is stored safely on an outside server, so you can access it when you need it no matter where you are. That’s reliability.

    #6: Ease of Administration

    One of the nightmares of dealing with accounting information is working out the administration aspect. Is the software on a network? Can you access it from outside of the office? Maybe not. And what if it’s only on one computer? That causes huge issues with administration. Only one person can reasonably have access to the information.

    When you work with a system that gives you remote access through an online connection, it means you can set up an administration network for your accounting process. You need more than one person who is accountable for the accounting. It puts checks and balances in place and ensures no matter what someone will be able to access your company’s books, even if it’s you, even if you’re traveling.

    It is tempting to buy a software program, install it, and get to work on your accounting system. But at some point you will realize that method is restrictive and ineffective. There are so many benefits to having an online system with remote access that it’s a no-brainer when choosing the right program for your business.

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