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  • Top 6 Reasons Hiring a Bookkeeper in Atlanta, Georgia Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

    Need a good reason to spend money hiring a bookkeeper in Atlanta, Georgia for your business this year?

    Hiring a Bookkeeper in Atlanta, Georgia

    Your new year’s resolution should be to hire a bookkeeper in Atlanta, Georgia for your business. Why? There are so many reasons. Here are just 6 of them.

    1. A Bookkeeper Helps You Save Time

    One of the top reasons to hire a bookkeeper is time. You are running a business, that’s your priority, and while you want to have your finger on the pulse of everything related to it, that doesn’t mean you need to wear every hat. This is especially true if you are not a trained bookkeeper.

    Everyone thinks that they can do it, that it’s easy and won’t take very much of there time, but pretty much everyone is wrong. Every single transaction must be recorded and reported on. Do you have time for this? Probably not. Resolve this year to spend more time focusing on your product or service and less time doing what a trained professional can do in less time.

    2. Bookkeepers Are More Accurate Than You (probably)

    Bookkeeping is a necessary and vital part of the running of your business. Everything that comes in and everything that goes out must be tracked and then reports must be created using this information. These reports must be recorded and organized in order for financial statements, profit and loss, and future planning, not to mention tax preparation, to be accurate. Entering and classifying each entry properly is important, not just to those daily numbers, but to your business overall. Because going back to audit your financials because of an error is not fun for anyone.

    3. Conflict Avoidance Comes Standard with Outsourced Bookkeepers

    Are you in business with another individual? Do you have a partner or even a manager or president that oversees operations? The best way to avoid conflict as well as conflict of interests, is to have a third party manage your financial record keeping. Fighting about money is the quickest way to ruin a relationship, and that goes double for a business relationship. When a third party bookkeeper is in charge of keeping track of the business’s transactions, you can take the potential for a serious rift out of the equation and just focus on the business at hand.

    4. You Will Actually Save Money by Hiring a Bookkeeper

    How much is your time worth? If you’re the leader of your organization, whether it’s just you or it’s you and hundreds of employees, you have to determine the best use of your time and where the value lies. Is it worth taking yourself away from projects, meetings, creative sessions, planning, building, and selling to enter financial data into bookkeeping software? Hopefully, your answer is no. Your value is your time. Invest it in areas of your business that need your attention. This is never truer than when the chore of bookkeeping can earn easily be outsourced.

    5. Your Bookkeeper Is Your Middleman

    Would you like to field phone calls from bill collectors? What about trying to keep track of bank statements that may fluctuate daily? What about if there’s an error that needs handling? These situations are some of the best times to have a bookkeeper. They can be the middleman when there is a need to deal with the details of the finances of your business.

    6. Bookkeepers Make Timely Payments, Every Time

    Having a bookkeeper can help make sure you’re always on time. Maybe not for meetings and appointments, but for paying bills, entering transactions, tracking purchases, creating reports, and gathering data for financial analysis of your business as well as for tax preparation when it’s due. You don’t have to try to be organized and on top of everything. You can put your bookkeeping safely in their hands, trust that it’s being done right and when it’s due, and just worry about getting yourself in front of your customers on time.

    There are so many great reasons, and there’s no better time, to hire a bookkeeper than right now. Call 678-990-0924 for a free consultation to learn how a bookkeeper in Atlanta, Georgia can help your business.