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  • 4 Tips for Finding the Right Bookkeeper in Duluth, GA

    finding the right bookkeeper duluth gaOutsourcing bookkeeping and accounting functions to a bookkeeper in Duluth, GA is a wise choice for many business owners. Many companies do not have the necessary skill sets within their existing staff members to keep accurate records and prepare reports accurately. And if a company does have an experienced bookkeeper on staff, he or she may not have enough time available to complete the tasks required to do the bookkeeping on top of their normal, everyday functions.

    Here are four tips on finding the right bookkeeper in Duluth, GA:

    1. Find a firm that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Not only does this protect everyone involved, but it shows that the company is not some fly-by-night enterprise.
    2. Ask to see your potential bookkeeper’s credentials. Their educational background, certifications, and bookkeeping experience are your business.
    3. Ask for an estimate. If the bookkeeper in Duluth, GA is charging you by the hour, they should be able to give you an estimate of how many hours their services should require.
    4. Request verification that your new bookkeeper knows how to use your accounting software.

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