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  • How Payroll Outsourcing Can Help Save Your Sanity

    Stop pulling your hair out and consider payroll outsourcing instead.

    payroll outsourcingIs payroll outsourcing a possibility for your business? Have you been doing all of the payroll yourself so far? If your business is growing, which we hope it is, then it’s time to consider an alternative way to use your valuable time. Not only can payroll outsourcing save you time, but it can also help save your sanity.

    The Time You’ll Save

    As a small business owner, you’re the one signing the checks. Even if you’re not the one managing the payroll, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s done right, so your employees get paid the right amount, on time. And if you are the one managing the process, it’s time to hand off the baton. Payroll is time-consuming and requires attention to detail. While you’re collecting and entering data and checking for errors, you’re missing out on time you could be spending focusing on your business. You could be meeting with your sales team, talking to potential customers, taking care of customer service issues, building your revenue stream, or designing a new product line. Instead, you’re stuck at a desk dealing with numbers and hours and benefits and taxes and vacation time and salaries. Outsource and you’ll get back all of that valuable time.

    The Money You’ll Save

    How much is your time worth? If you try to figure out your per-hour rate and then figure out how much time you’re spending on payroll, you’ll see you’re paying a pretty penny to do it yourself. If you’re paying someone to manage payroll, you’re taking on that extra overhead, desk space, vacation time, benefits, sick days, and the risk that they will make mistakes you will have to pay for in the long run. When you outsource to a firm that can handle the payroll process for you, you’re going to save money. They’re experts and can do the work in less time, with less error, and better results. And they will keep you doing what you do best, which is helping your business make money.

    The Expertise You’ll Gain

    There are so many complexities to a company’s payroll. This includes everything from counting and deducting sick days, vacation time, personal time, benefits, and taxes. Oh, the taxes! This is something you must get right. Errors cost time, and they cost money. This is true when making errors on paychecks to your employees requires cutting new checks, as well as errors on taxes that can cost you with the IRS. Having the expertise of a team of professionals can give you peace of mind knowing they’re following government regulations, making sure taxes are accurate, and getting the job done right.

    The Security That You Need

    All of your company’s information and all of your employees’ personal information resides in your payroll system. Do you want that to get into the hands of just anyone? And that includes into the hands of other employees who might decide to meddle for personal gain. Of course, you don’t. That’s why the added security of an outsourced payroll company can help you sleep better at night. While your payroll software might be secure, if you store your data in-house, there’s a risk of a security breach and data theft. A payroll company is going to store that information on secure servers that are off-site, to protect your information.

    As a business owner you want to add as many worry-free options as possible that will help you run your company and take care of your employees. One of the best and easiest steps you can take is to outsource your payroll function. Click or call 678-990-0924 for a free consultation to learn how payroll outsourcing can help your business.