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  • Why a Small Business Accountant in Atlanta, Georgia Can Help Make Taxes Easier Next Time

    Taxes and a small business accountant in Atlanta, Georgia is an ideal combination.

    Small business accountant Atlanta GAAre you considering hiring a small business accountant in Atlanta, Georgia? If you’re on the fence, it could be because you don’t have insight into how they can truly change your life come tax time. No one likes to deal with taxes, but as a business owner, it’s part of the deal. The good news is that bringing an accountant on board can make taxes significantly easier next time around. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of having them on your team for tax time.

    Getting Organized, Staying Organized

    An accountant can help you get organized from the get-go, and help you stay organized throughout the year. Books, records, accounts, payables, vendors, staffing, payroll, investments — you name it, they’ll keep track of it. This helps your business function in the day-to-day operation and thrive and grow in the long-term. But it is also enormously helpful when it comes to tax preparation.

    Having all your ducks in a row will help ensure your taxes are fully complete, that no vital information is missing, and there are no miscalculations. If you’ve ever been one of those people that collect receipts in a shoe box all year and then try to get organized at the last minute to file your taxes, you know how hard it is to do them at all, let alone do them right. An accountant can keep your financial information in line, all the time, and make taxes that much less painful.

    Understanding Tax Law is Their Job, Not Yours

    Can you imagine having to keep track of everything that has to do with running your business, and keep track of all the changes to tax laws as well? Instead, trust an accountant to keep track of them for you. It’s part of their job, after all. And with that knowledge, they can steer you in all the right directions to make sure your taxes are within the letter of the law and that you’re taking advantage of all appropriate deductions, without overstepping. Having an accountant watch your back can help you avoid litigation.

    Prevent Mistakes and Avoid Audits

    Mistakes happen, even with the best intentions. If you’re not an accountant, and you don’t have extensive experience preparing and filing small business taxes, mistakes are even more likely. When you make mistakes filing taxes, it can cost you money as well as time. Worse, yet, it can raise red flags and result in an audit. Even if everything is on the up and up, an audit is time- and labor-intensive, as well as stressful and exhausting. An accountant, especially one that works for a firm with a team of accountants, can check and double check your returns and make sure everything is as it should be. Your taxes will be accurate and your chances of an audit greatly reduced.

    Utilize Expertise and Plan Ahead

    An accountant can help you prepare and file your taxes. They can also keep you on track with your daily record keeping and management of your finances. There’s more good news, however. They can also help you plan ahead. Understanding the high-level financial picture of your company, getting expert advice, and making the right decisions throughout the year can make a huge difference in your overall financial situation. Not only can a good accountant help you stay compliant. But they can help you plan properly for growth, and guide you when it comes to investing, staffing and budgeting. All these things working together will, in turn, help you at tax time.

    Don’t overlook the benefits of hiring an accountant, not only to help you with your bookkeeping and financial management but to make tax time go more smoothly.

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