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  • What a Quickbooks Accountant Can Do that Other Accountants Can’t

    Is a Quickbooks Accountant Really Better?

    Quickbooks AccountantYou may have an accountant, but do you have an accountant who uses Quickbooks Accountant? Working online has become more and more popular for accountants and their clients, but the software they’re using makes a difference in how effectively they can take care of your business remotely. This is where Quickbooks Accountant can really affect your business accounting and how you work with your accountant.

    What Is Quickbooks Accountant?

    Quickbooks Accountant is a product by Inuit, the same company that makes Quickbooks, but it has more features than Quickbooks Pro or Quickbooks Premiere. These features can help you manage your business and can help your accountant manage your money.

    Here are some of the new features:

    Working Online with Quickbooks

    Meeting face-to-face is great, and definitely has value, but for the daily tasks involved in having, and being, an accountant, the ability to work online is a time and money saver. Not only can you and your accountant work together while in the same room, you can work together in different parts of the city, state, or even country.

    Why is it so important to have online access? One word: portability. Being able to pull up numbers and information no matter where you are or what computer you have in front of you can save you, the client, a lot of frustration when you need information now, not when your accountant is back in their office.

    This gives your accountant the benefit of being able to keep up with their clients’ needs no matter where they are. They can start working as early as they like, and keep working as late as they want. And it’s highly efficient in that your accountant can go to your site at any time and send an invoice. There’s no paperwork and there’s no waiting. Plus, less paperwork means more productivity.

    Other Benefits of Quickbooks Accountant

    In addition to the benefits of portability and online information sharing, there are other benefits to having an accountant that uses Quickbooks Accountant.

    Does your accountant support more than one client? In all likelihood, unless your company is so busy that you need an accountant full-time, your accountant also supports other businesses. The benefits of this software to your accountant include the ability to save time and money switching between client information. The benefit to you is that you don’t have to pay your accountant for tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time, especially when they have other clients, such as driving to appointments and finding your information.

    Another benefit is the add-ons that you can use in conjunction with Accountant. If you have employees and need a payroll program, if you process credit card payments, or even if you just want to add-on other applications to support your business, you can do so with this software.

    These add-ons include:

    If you have a business, you probably have an accountant. It’s the most effective way to help you manage the financials of your company. A factor that affects how they manage your accounting is the type of software they use. Quickbooks is a common tool, but Quickbooks Accountant has features that can help your accountant manage your business more effectively and for you to get more out of their services.

    Click this link to learn more about how Quickbooks Accountant can help your business, and download a free report on maximizing your use of QuickBooks.